My Published Food Articles (selected)

Food Section, October 9, 2012

All Signs Point to a Hit  in San Francisco – One of the few Deaf-owned restaurants in the country offers Neapolitan pizza from their wood-fired oven and creative small plates. Melody and Russ Stein have created a “deaf-friendly” spot where all waiters all sign and customers give it a big thumbs up.

Oakland Cover March 2013

Bonkers for Bagels (cover story) Bagels are HOT, since three East Coast transplants, finding our flabby steamed rolls-with-a-hole unsatisfying, are crafting chewy, crusty, wood-fired rings.

Edible Excursions – Behind the scene tours of Gourmet Ghetto


Rooting for the Ayyads – Second article in Edible Journeys department chronicles the story of Palestinian immigrants who transform a jinxed spot in Albany, California into a culinary oasis where they serve Jordanian, Palestinian and Egyptian specialties.


Oakland magazine March/April 2012

An Immigrant’s Tale:  First in a series of immigrants’ journeys seen through a food lens. Lisa Li’s story recounts growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution and her edible first impressions of America.


In the Market for Cultural Adventure? –Oakland’s ethnic markets dish up a world of culinary possibilities. Visit Mi Pueblo, Koreana Plaza and Chinatown shops and meet some adventurous cooks.

World-Class Word Chef Profile of Dianne Jacob, a food writer’s best friend.

Contemporary Cuisine at Yesterday’s PricesLaney College’s Bistro showcases the talents of their culinary arts students. Gourmet lunches don’t have to be expensive.

Think Globally, Party Locally – Give your guests a cultural experience without leaving home: cook Thai or paella with a chef who does house calls, learn Bollywood dance, or relax in a Moroccan garden.

A Bakery Rises in Alameda Profile of beloved Semifreddi’s Bakery, where each one of their 170,000 loaves of bread and 30,000 pastries a week is handcrafted by artisan bakers.


Chef is Sweet on Just Desserts – Interview with Executive Chef Mani Niall, who calls himself a “dessert archaeologist” as he tweaks classic recipes from Just Desserts and turns out 6,000 cakes a week.



kaia foods – Profile of Nick Kelley, whose motto “keep it simple” means only raw, organic and gluten free ingredients in his buckwheat granolas, fruit leathers, sprouted seeds and kale chips.



Deaf-Owned Mozzeria Shows Signs of Great Pizza Coming to the Mission

Sizzling Wok and Lucky Foods Welcome Chinese New Year of the Dragon

Family Flavors –  The savory sagas of 4 East Bay clans in the food biz (Food Mill, Grainaissance, Donsuemor madeleines and Peerless Coffee)




Global Groceries –  the low-down on ethnic food markets in the East Bay for adventurous cooks or homesick transplants

Sampling Breakfasts from Other Cultureswhere to find local servings of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian and Indian breakfast specialties

Chocolate Hot Spotsfrom traditional turtles to trendy chili-laced truffles

Baker’s Dozen – 13 hours at the side of  acclaimed pastry artist Paul Masse

Deaf Culture meets Foodie Culture –   Betty Ann Prinz demonstrates signs of good taste as the go-to food expert for the East Bay’s Deaf Community.



Oy Tannenbaum!a nice Jewish girl (me) makes Christmas cookies on TV


4 Responses to My Published Food Articles (selected)

  1. heidi pie aronson says:

    delighted to meet you on berkeleyside and on your blog! are you on chowhound much? the bay area hounds historically have been a very convivial group. in 2004, dozens of us participated in the dim sum wars–north vs. south bay. it took months of focused eating. we’ve been touring the fruitvale taco trucks since 2002; we’ve sampled uzbek food in concord, bacon-wrapped hot dogs in salinas, and made some very good friends in the process. join us, if you haven’t already!


  2. Anna Mindess says:

    Hello Heidi,

    Sounds like a fun group! I will check it out. Curious re: which Dim Sum restaurants came up winners. My favorite is Yank Sing in SF, but always interested in trying new places.

  3. Christy says:

    Hi Anna, I simply love your blog and just read the story that appeared in Oakland magazine about the Zaki Kabob House. I will go there. Your article is beautiful. Is this blog still current?

    • Anna Mindess says:

      Hi Christy,

      Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, I am still writing blog and for Oakland Magazine and, when I can. Enjoy your meal at Zaki. And please stay in touch if you discover any other places to share.

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